Stupidly beautiful Sydney. (at The Sebel Hotel, Pier One)

A mysterious Monday morning in Sydney #treehousetour (at Sydney CBD)

Aaagghh! The Trunkinator is real!

52-storey Treehouse on sale at 7.30am Tues 26th Aug at Book&Paper with Andy there to sign it for you! 36 Douglas Pde Williamstown 3016

today’s cat of the day is actually 2 cats—twins—a jugful of them. 

Jill’s cat of the day: Today’s cat is in a box and is a little worried. You can tell this by its little eyebrows (look how little they are). Who put the kitten in the box? Does the kitten wish to leave the box? The paw poised on the edge would suggest so. And yet the kitten hesitates. Its very large ears indicate that this kitten will grow into a large, handsome cat. It is a remarkably thoughtful kitten and its straight little mouth and stubborn chin suggest it is nobody’s fool. 

Join me tomorrow for another Jill’s cat of the day. Love Jill

I’ll be at the Cremorne Orpheum on Sept 2nd at 5pm to talk all things treehouse! and the event is on September 2 at 5pm.

The most amazing Treehouse birthday cake ever!!

Terry Denton. Snake-wrangler. Idiot. 

Terry Denton. Snake-wrangler. Idiot. 

Hmmm … Terry Denton poking a snake with a stick. What could possibly go wrong?
Hmmm … Terry Denton poking a snake with a stick. What could possibly go wrong?

Happy National Bookshop Day! I’ll be at Younger Sun Bookshop in Yarraville serving, signing and chatting from 2pm this afternoon. 9 Ballarat Street, Yarraville VIC Ph: 9689 0661

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I’ll be at Book & Paper’s new store all day today! 36 Douglas pde Williamstown Vic.